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Growing Your Practice Through Women and Couples: Simple Secrets to Success

The average age of a financial advisor is 50.9 and the average age of a client seeking the advice of a financial professional is 60+. Branching out to grow your client base is essential to avoid an aging book of business. Women and couples of all ages provide an opportunity to develop new client relationships, serve more people, and increase your business.

There have been misconceptions that younger couples and women do not want the advice of a financial professional and are willing to “go at it alone” when it comes to investments. Studies have shown that both groups want the advice of a professional, if that professional is willing to foster a relationship built on communication, trust and education.

The Female Affect adds a new twist to traditional women and investing presentations by sharing personal experiences, preferences and real life examples of how women and couples work with their financial professionals. These findings are oftentimes the simple, yet overlooked tactics that help to unlock the keys to a better working relationship. Ann provides strategies to approach your practice with a fresh perspective, as well as, practical action steps to assist you in deepening your relationships with existing clients and ideas to help you acquire new female clients and couples.

For Female Financial Professionals

Women Winning in Financial Services: Leveraging Your Strengths

The number of females working in the financial services industry is slowly increasing, but it is still well below the national average of women working in other sectors. Ann shares her personal experience and strategies for working and succeeding in a predominately male dominated field and the role confidence plays in our success. Traits of successful female professionals are the very same skills that clients demand from their financial professionals. These same characteristics make women uniquely qualified to be successful, exceeding their client’s expectations at a time when the need for financial advice is at an all-time high. Information is translated into action steps to help you grow and excel in your practice by leveraging your strengths.

For All Female Professionals

Keynote Presentation
Because She Can: Creating Your Version Of Having It All

Ann has worked in the financial services industry for more than 15 years and while the number of women working in financial services has increased, like many industries; it is still heavily male dominated. Looking back on her experience, in many situations she was the only female in the room, and knew she had to work doubly hard to prove that she was smart, technically sound and as committed to the job as her male counterparts. When Ann tried to blend in with her male coworkers and assimilate to their style, she began to encounter problems both personally and professionally.

While she sat in countless meetings and flew across the country to meet clients, she found herself thinking about the soccer games she was missing, the goodnight kisses she would have to give over the phone and the moments with her daughter that she would never get back. But she grew to realize, that being the only woman in the room helped to make her a better professional, a stronger mother and an overall more well-rounded person.

Ann shares her professional experiences from the boardroom and her personal experiences of motherhood to provide helpful advice for women who strive to have it all. She helps to guide women to find the opportunities, balance and confidence to grow in their careers, while creating a well-rounded home life, whatever your version of having it all looks like.

For Female Clients and Prospects

Women and Money: Taking Control of Your Financial Future

The economic clout of females is undeniable but often women do not seek the assistance of financial professionals. This seminar helps women understand the unique life circumstances associated with their longevity and finances. Ann highlights the importance of understanding the necessity of creating a plan for her varying life stages before, during and after retirement.